Foresee and Company offers a selection of services designed to help your organization eliminate the negative effects of bias. While each service can be purchased individually, we believe you will get the best results by using the full Foresee system.


Foresee’s evidence-based bias assessments are anonymous, fully confidential, and customized to meet your organization’s unique goals.  

With secure online tools that are easy to use and designed to maximize engagement, we are able to uncover bias by location, department, and management level if it exists.

Our assessment program includes a detailed review and analysis along with recommendations custom-tailored to address our findings.


Unconscious bias may be lurking in a variety of places in your organization from standard operating procedures and policies to personal behavior.

In order to create the most effective programs for your organization, we recommend a communications and policy audit that includes messaging platforms, newsletters, employee programs & initiatives, hiring policies, job descriptions, and employee handbooks.


Foresee’s programs are designed to create immediate impact as well as long-lasting results because they are based on the analysis of your customized assessments and audits. We offer:

We offer a series of interactive customized workshops designed to foster discussion around the bias that needs to be addressed in your organization. Rather than your employees sitting through a lecture, they are interacting and engaging in a non-threatening, open dialogue and exercises that will foster greater awareness, understanding, and sensitivity.

Our team building exercises focus on encouraging connection and communication so that your teams can take advantage of the individual strengths each member brings to work based on their background, lifestyle, age, gender, race, and culture. These programs are designed to be fun and interactive as they build trust.

All the top athletes have coaches. We believe the top executives should too. As your organization embraces the changes necessary to create an equitable, fair, and welcoming workplace, we recommend executive coaching.

As a follow-up or add-on service to our marketing & communications audit, we offer consulting and writing services to correct any issues and set you on a solid path as you move forward.

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