Ending workplace bias starts with the first step.

Traditional diversity & inclusion training may check a box, but it doesn’t change the game. In order to solve any problem, you have to identify its source and scope. Foresee and Company gives you the tools to do just that.

Foresee and Company is the only certified values-based assessment organization in the country with a bias-specific toolset.

Our assessments pinpoint issues negatively affecting your corporate culture, your reputation, and your bottom line.

With that insight we create custom strategies and solutions for your organization that will create lasting change.

How it Works

  • Getting Started

    Getting started is simple. Foresee will meet with you to discuss goals and areas of concern so that we can customize our values-based cultural and bias assessments to fit your organization and set up access to our online portal.

  • Assessment, Audit, and Interviews

    All participants receive a link to the online portal and are given two weeks to take the assessment. An internal communications audit is performed and select interviews are conducted.

  • Review and Recommendations

    Foresee provides a detailed written analysis of the assessment, audit, and interview findings and meets with you to review and discuss strategies and recommendations for targeted bias interruption and erosion programs if and where needed.

  • Implementation

    As needed, Foresee will conduct custom workshops, training programs, team building activities, executive coaching, strategic marketing and communications consulting.

  • Regular Checkups

    Ending workplace bias is not a one-and-done. Employee and management turnover, company changes and even world events can impact bias and behavior, so we recommend biannual or annual assessments and audits.

Why Foresee?

Foresee and Company is the only certified values-based assessment organization in the country with a bias-specific toolset and our comprehensive approach goes way beyond checking a box. 


We know your organization is unique and we have the tools and talent to help you identify, interrupt, and erode negative behaviors so your workforce can thrive.

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